Data Mining

At Welkinfort we have the best Data Scientists to extract intelligence/insights from a structured or unstructured data. Our data mining tools identify patterns deep into data with our data detection algorithms to get valuable results.

We search through every shred of data at high speed, pull out significant insights, and perform intuitive, multi-dimensional analysis to reveal unknown patterns, connections, and trends. Our clients can rapidly turn humungous amount of data into actionable insight by asking the questions they need answered, in a language they understand.

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UI/UX Design

At Welkinfort we believe in how the first impression can translate into a lasting one. The designs by Welkinfort establish higher standards of trust and usability and hence repeat visits.
Welkinfort believes in setting high standards in terms of design so we opt for Scalable Vector Graphics. Vector Graphics deliver lots of pixels and beautiful images for retina displays and keeps it light on the browser. It translates to faster loading and more beautiful graphics.
We also believe in simplified Graphic & UI design on both the Web and Mobile. We also like our work to be less decorative with simple, bold and clear layouts and UI designs because research has shown that we absorb the information in images 40 times faster than text.

Our skilled UI/UX designers starts from making wireframe to designs to interactive prototypes in order to ensure the client’s application has a brilliant product design.

Your design has to be visually attractive and aesthetic as the design is more likely to attract visitors and will stimulate purchase intentions of the product to be delivered by the Mobile Apps and Website.

Web Development

At Welkinfort we start with understanding the clients’ brand, model and business strategy, so that the tools and tricks go with their mission and do what clients want their Websites to : engage the customer, educate them and convert it into sales.

Welkinfort offers you a professional Web Development by creating wellstructured, efficient and barrier-free web applications.

We will design and develop your product with an agile approach. We practise Behaviour- Driven Development (BDD) to ensure we are developing the product to client’s requirements and Test Driven Development (TDD) to ensure high quality code. We follow usability and functionality testing is deployed to a staging environment, allowing the client to be involved in regular quality assurance for their acceptance.

We have a professional approach with a personal touch towards our clients that gives them a high level of expertise resulting in a high quality web portals.

We have used different technologies like PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, ASP.net to develop different web based products for our clients.


iOS Application Development

Welkinfort strives to stay on the top of  iOS App Development. We build customized  Apps for iPhones and iPad We have a team of highly skilled and well qualified iOS App developers that can design and develop your native iPhone Apps the way you want to reach your expectation level. Our team has worked on numerous iOS applications.

If you have an idea for an application for your iPhone or iPad and want us to interpret into a profitable solution we are here to help you. We can offer you a reliable and costeffective solution keeping in mind your targeted audience for iOS apps.

We work with entrepreneurs and innovative businesses to revolutionise their business process with the power of mobile application.

Welkinfort has maintained high coding standards for a secure iOS app.

Android Application Development

Welkinfort has a professional Android App Development team that has created native android apps for different Android versions using Android SDK, APIs and other android development tools. You can rely on our Android Apps Development services for efficient and effective applications.

Our clientcentric approach helps us to understand the requirements of our clients in detail. Our services are focused on creating tailored Android Apps for our clients that enable them to achieve their goals and targets.

Mobile Apps Security is very important to us. We are committed to protect our esteemed clients’ privacy and preserving a simple, good user experience.


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