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If there was one thing that caught fancy of every 90’s kid, it had to be Pokemon. These cute animals took the world by storm when they first appeared on television in late 90’s and since then fanatics have not lost hope for their big comeback. And when it did, it took the Pokemon obsession to a whole new level: Pokemon Go. This game was...

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Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. They are there in our leisure, work or even in our pursuit of fitness: you name it and there is a utility your smartphone has or possibly can have in the future. Two of the most popular platforms, Android by Google and iOS by Apple, offer a lot of capabilities which enables a developer to...

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When we talk about file sharing ecosystems, the few names that pop in our minds first are Dropbox and Google Drive among others. While these ecosystems are great for enterprise that are looking for utmost privacy and security for their documents, there is another half who wants different features from those offered by these services. Due to many restrictions in the commercial file sharing systems,...

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Chatbots are the latest innovation combining the powerful aspects of AI with your normal real-time messaging apps. Already platforms like Kik and Line have this feature in their apps and are developing them with the changing market. But what can be good news for the consumers and organizations alike is Messenger bot, Facebook’s own chatbot....

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The news of Facebook shutting down its Parse, a popular backend-as-a-service platform, left a lot of developers in a fix. While most of the iOS apps depend on the parse, if enterprises start going by the trend kicked off by Facebook, the developers may have to look for other BAAS alternatives. So here are the top 6 alternatives available as of now, which could be...

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Public transport came with a lot of woes, from booking a cab to managing the traffic snarls. Parking is expensive in the city and with late night shifts, lack of availability of public transport is a concern. For this, many of the popular cab-sharing companies have come up with innovative features and ideas which will make your ride smoother and without any woes. Powerful apps...

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